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Regardless of which industry you choose to buy penny stock in, make sure you do your research or you may find yourself without any money to invest at all. When you buy penny stocks, you can diversify your portfolio for just that: pennies! Lets take a closer look at just a few of the hot industries that are flush with burgeoning penny stocks that can help diversity and stabilize your portfolio in an instant. People may be able to live without vacation travel and concert tickets, but everyone has to eat and there are hundreds of up and coming penny stock companies that fall under the food service umbrella. You never want to have a portfolio that is completely tied up in one mutual fund, one stock or even one industry.

With stocks across the board in a state of flux, many people are searching far and wide for an industry that is as close to recession proof as possible. A smart investor will do their research on which one of these green companies is ready to make the leap over the next few years.

If the American economy continues its downward slide into an all out recession, one of the safe havens for investment will be food products. That transformation could come in the way of new inventions, technologies, government funded research and more. Make sure you avoid transportation companies that specialize in long distance travel since that is one area that is often cut first from peoples budgets during hard times.

With belts tightening across the country and the price of gas fluctuating like a childs yo-yo, more American cities than ever have begun a real movement towards public transit.

Finally, dont be afraid to pick up on once great companies that are now finding themselves on hard times.

. If recessions of the past are any indicator, you will want to buy penny stock in food related companies. A quick search of green companies that also have stock values in the single digits reveals hundreds of possibilities.Ask any professional portfolio manager what the key is to a strong investment strategy and they will tell you diversification. There are hundreds of new companies ready to help cities and towns take on this challenge so it might be worth the investment of time to see which penny stock is ready PVC skirting board Suppliers to sign a big contact and which ones are still years away from making an impact. Transportation penny stocks can be a bit dangerous during times of economic slowdowns. It could be a new penny stock that is getting ready to unveil a new additive or maybe a company with a revolutionary new packaging material or method. Stock in companies like AIG and GM are now under $10 and might be worth picking up if the research shows a good likelihood of a recovery. If you have been paying attention to the promises made by just about every candidate during the recent election, the future of American commerce is in environmentally friendly green technologies and industries

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