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There are many thoughts when it comes to determining just what the Freemasons is all about and even on how to become one. They are well known for their secrecy and this in a sense makes some individuals very uncomfortable. Some say you can only become a member by being invited while others stipulate that you must have a family member that is a Freemason before you yourself can become one.

It is the policy of the Freemasons not to recruit therefore they will never ask anyone to joint their organization. An interested party must approach them. Becoming a Mason is not an unrecognizable goal but there is certain criteria that you must meet before you will even be considered.

It is an absolute must that you believe in God, whereas many masons will not refer to him as God but will use the term you must believe in a Supreme Being. In the majority of countries, the age requirement is twenty one but if one happens to be the son of Freemason then the age requirement is reduced to eighteen.

wall base Suppliers Another criterion is that you must be a person of good standing. You will be tested in this area when you go before the Freemasons examining board. They will ask you about your history and about your life in general. Their decisions will be based on your answers. The concept of the Freemasons according to their charter is to make good men better. There are no women allowed in this organization. Once passed your board examination your request to join will be put to a vote. Each member of that particular chapter is given the chance to vote regarding your membership.

If it turns out that, you are not voted in then that doesnt mean that you cant apply again but there is a waiting period. If on the other hand you are accepted then you are in for an experience. You will find that they have rituals that are full of metaphors and allegory. This is there way of teaching their lessons.

Its not suggested that you try to join the Freemasons just out of curiosity. If these are your reasons most likely, they will be detected at the board examination and you will fail anyway. Try to find out as much as possible about them before applying. Perhaps you know of a Mason that will point you in the right direction.

One interesting point you are going to discover when you start your research is that there is much conflicting information. It has been said that is because the Freemasons are such a secretive society that nobody is allowed to talk about the inner workings of it. If this is the case then how can one really discern what they are all about and make an informed decision as to whether to apply for membership.

In addition, it would seem that there are different orders of Freemasons. If you have one in particular that you want to join then perhaps you need to find out if they are in fact a full Freemason organization or just an offshoot.

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